When Children Are Bombed and a Country Destroyed by a Dictator

A recent report by a doctor in Syria showed what it is like to live with hell raining down 24/7. In the hospital in which he worked most of the front of the building was gone and inside the emergency department were little children whose faces were bleeding and whose little bodies were damaged. One little boy whose face was so badly bruised it was swollen and almost hiding his features as the report told of how he watched as his siblings and mother died beside him.

Is this something the world can look upon and forget? Is it beyond us to stop Assad and his monstrous tirade against his own people?

This same doctor showed the dictator during his time as a medical student who attended the same university as himself. Unbeknown to many Assad graduated as a medical doctor sworn to saving lives while now he targets every hospital and every form of human relief. So what happened to make him into the monster he has become?

The scenes the doctor had on his phone of a city that is not only in ruins but now surrounded by a waste land of bombed out territory. The country-side is littered with burned out vehicles while the huge pock marks of war are all over it.

Weapons are now so powerful that humanity is pushed into a corner. That is why when someone like Donald Trump steps up and talks tough there are many who will follow him. The question is how can he move against the forces of Islamic dreams to get to Paradise by killing everyone else?

The bombing of little children, destruction of his own homeland, and the death of so many of his people, must be playing on Assad’s mind. A sickness such as that of Hitler and others who similarly lose control over their evil acts is brought about by the Spirit of the Universe.

My reincarnation and knowledge that the Spirit is the one and only real God gave me insight into how and why such people exist and act in this manner. The Spirit laid it out in prophecy that those who worship false gods and are under the control of 666 will be first to go (Jeremiah 11:11). Islam is the source of such idolatry and it is the root of all religions that were born of the ideology of Babylon.

People With Intelligence Are Blinded by Religious Hype and False Gods

It’s an incredible fact that even highly educated and one would think extremely intelligent scholars are befuddled by lies and a great fraud by the religious organisations. They believe in heaven and hell and even attend the churches where these things are promoted. That extends to astrophysicists who spend hours of their time looking into space at the hundreds of zillions of stars and planet, among other things, and can clearly see there are no such places.

My reincarnation confirms that they don’t exist but because most can’t get their heads around the possibility that they have lived before they opt for what men teach them. They are locked into it by the world ‘faith’ and the threat of hell.

The religious orders are the product of Babylon and the Islamic religion of that area, previously known as Zoro Aster or Morning Star. The rising sun is an amazing sight when the sky turns a beautiful colour of red, yellow, green, and orange. The ancients could not discern the science or natural phenomena other than to assess it as a ‘birth’ in which the blood flows out.

That made the earth the Mother God and the sun because the powerful eye that watched over it during the day. It was called ‘Ma-r-y’, which means ‘mother’s powerful eye’ and the reflection of it in water gave rise to the ‘sun of the sun’ and eventually to the notion of the ‘son of God’. There was, however, a third piece to the story and that is the light or spirit.

The three aspects became the Trinity from which religions could not escape. It was the Amor of Babylon who took their gods and their rituals into the world when they went into Europe and became the Romans. They occupied Roma (reverse Amor) and Constantine established the Catholic Church based on its ritual and principles.

The costumes, service, calendar, festivals, and mass are identical to those held in Babylon while the law it works by is that of the original Islam. That is why women are discriminated against and why these religions have used violence and murder to force everyone to join them. What they did is no different to what Isil is doing today.

In Revelation 13:12-18 it describes Constantine as the one who forced everyone to worship the beast that had the wound by the sword and did live. That is the image of Jesus Christ which he put up. He also made Mary the Mother of God and the chief object of worship in the religion.

The world continues to operate under the laws set in place by 666, which is how he is identified (Revelation 13:18). His policies and his religion have blinded all who are willing to bypass the Spirit of the Universe for the false gods of Islam.

Toyo Tyres and Leicester City Football Club Surprise the World

Two successful, amazing and well-known teams came together to make history with their success. Toyo Tyres has supported Leicester City Football Club for many years and now celebrates their victory.

Toyo Tyres became partners with the football club to gain popularity over their brand. The two work hand in hand to support the upkeep of their plans. The football club needed a sponsorship and the Toyo Tyres needed the recognition.

The football team is made up of players who each have a strong story behind them. They all had the will to win and fight for a victory they never thought was possible. As they fought to, at least, win a match, they got closer to the glory of their battle.

Because they believed in themselves, others started believing in them too. They got more supporters and had new supporters believing in them once again. The supporters cheered every time a player got closer to the goal post because they knew that they had been getting closer to scoring like they have never done before.

At the time of their victorious score, no one knew what to do. They had just witnessed the unimaginable happening before their eyes. It was strategically planned and the adrenaline had come to a halt when they realised what they had achieved. It wasn’t just a goal, it was the winning goal that made them advance to other rounds in the league.

Toyo Tyres felt that this was an incredible inspiration. It inspired football fans and non-football fans alike. Inspiration extends to all aspects of our lives and that includes the car we drive and the tyres we want. Why just imagine it when you are in reach of your dream? After all, anything is possible when you set your mind to it.

The two parties forming a partnership inspired many people. With Toyo Tyres being well known in the racing circuit and Leicester City Football Club not advancing to many finals, people believed that with practise you can move forward and achieve your dreams. All you need is the right support structure.